A brittle redoubt

bradwellb site
Visualization of the proposed Bradwell B site by Bradwell B Group and amended by BANNG

The Dengie BioRegion continues to be threatened by the prospect of a new nuclear power station at Bradwell-on-Sea, a massive industrial plant that would dwarf the concrete tombs of the original and decommissioned Bradwell power station.

Tomorrow (Wednesday 1st July 2020) at 23:59 is the deadline for Continue reading “A brittle redoubt”

Managed Retreat #2

MR2 Cover Image pink w text2
The first digital version of the cover

After a few false starts, reconsiderations and revaluations since the first issue, work has commenced on issue 2 of Managed Retreat. The image above is part of the prototyping phase for the cover. The pink shape is the outline of the Dengie peninsula after Continue reading “Managed Retreat #2”

Back to the Strandline

Screenshot 2020-01-26 at 13.42.33This week Essex Live brought back the Climate Central Flood Map story that featured in the last post. This time around the story, and its associated maps, were accompanied by some welcome discussion of the implications and possible mitigation from Drs Natalie Hicks and Tom Cameron of the University of Essex’s School of Life Sciences. There was something of a disjunct between their commentary and the featured statements from the Environment Agency and Essex County Council. If local journalism wasn’t in such an under-resourced state that disjunct might have been creatively opened further in order to plot some better sense of the different visions of the future each presents. Continue reading “Back to the Strandline”

Vulnerable to Flooding

Screenshot 2019-11-10 at 15.17.33
Lots of the local ecologically concerned folk are sharing this news story based on the
Climate Central flood map update using the CoastalDEM® v1.1 digital elevation model. I’m not immune to doing so myself. Combined with the recent devastating floods in the north of England these projections seem to offer a warning from the future that Continue reading “Vulnerable to Flooding”

Defining bioregions in these islands III

Watsonian vice-county 1

Ed Tyler has written an interesting response to the previous posts in this series (I, II) on his bioregioning site. He makes a number of interesting points that are worth reflecting on, but here I’ll limit myself to his reference to the Watsonian Vice County map.

I first came across the Watsonian Vice County map in the course of researching the Continue reading “Defining bioregions in these islands III”

Defining bioregions in these islands II

Johnny Appleseed

‘The necessity for scores of bioregional Johnny Appleseeds’

– Kirkpatrick Sale, ‘The Birth of Dartia’, Schumacher College journal #3, (Summer 1992)

It was good to see my last post on this topic receive attention on social media, it was shared widely and garnered some useful comments – this follows on from that and is best understood having read it beforehand. Shortly after publishing that post I saw Kirkpatrick Sale’s line about the ‘necessity for scores of bioregional Johnny Appleseeds’ and was heartened that perhaps we were seeing that flowering now, both with the Bioregional Learning Centre‘s Community of Practice and with a wider cohort of wild re-seeders – we still need Continue reading “Defining bioregions in these islands II”

Defining bioregions in these islands

essex rt
Catchment Area of Essex & Suffolk Rivers Trust

In a recent post, I mentioned how ‘I’m still struggling to articulate a suitable spatial scale for bioregional praxis in the Atlantic Archipelago’ and part of this struggle will be identifying particular bioregions within the Archipelago. Today I received a message from Kate Swatridge who had attended Ed Tyler and I’s session on bioregions at the UK Permaculture Convergence asking about this issue. She wrote: Continue reading “Defining bioregions in these islands”

Super Blood Wolf Moon


red moon
‘Lunar Eclipse 21/01/2019’ by John Press Chair of East Essex Astronomy Club 

I had a dream last night: I was tasked with capturing a wild black beast that was inside a suburban home. I stood outside the porch of the house with a small dog – as it had been determined that the dog’s presence would calm the beast. I opened the porch door and Continue reading “Super Blood Wolf Moon”

Landscape Scale Land Management

Aerial photo over River Crouch taken 30th May 1966 by Simmons Aerofilms https://ncap.org.uk/frame/11-1-2-107a-289?pos=48
(Higher resolution images are available from NCAP)

At the Oxford Real Farming Conference I attended the session ‘Shaping our future together’ organised by CTRLShift and facilitated by Andy Goldring. Rather than a presentation from the front, this session was designed to create a space for collaboration and planning between organisations, practitioners and networks building on the process started in Wigan, March 2018 at the initial CTRLShift: An emergency summit for change event.

The session began with a brief introduction and then encouraged participants to introduce an area of focus they would like to discuss.  Folk then clustered according to which area they found richest and most relevant to them at that time in order to discuss that topic through the lens of three questions: Continue reading “Landscape Scale Land Management”