Beating the Bounds 2: BoC to Southminster


A circular walk between Burnham-on-Crouch and Southminster. Leaving Burnham by Wick Road travelling east, turning north on to the footpath across Burnham Wick Farm fields (PROW 242_15) and travelling on path until it meets Marsh Road by Dammer Wick farm. Passed two dog walkers using the track. Rye planted in fields.

Travelling east on Marsh Road briefly, before turning north again on to footpath (PROW 242_26). Hare spotted in field west of path before the reservoir. Proceeding north past Newman’s Farm and Goldsand Bridges onto Goldsands Road. Passed lone walker travelling south. Proceeded north on Goldsands Road to Wibblers Brewery (taproom closed!) and on to junction with Hall Road.


Entered Pandole Wood (Grid Ref: TQ 9642 9962 • X/Y co-ords: 596429, 199621) which contains earthworks that are believed to relate to iron age or roman occupation. Observed corvids squawking in their rookeries and rabbits; did a circuit of the woods before leaving from the east and travelling south on footpath (PROW 259_5) back to Hall Road. Saw my first butterfly of the year – pale yellow wings – possibly a Brimstone (Gonepteryx rhamni.)

Travelled west along Hall Road, continuing on to Station Road. Stopped at the Station Arms and had a pint of Flaming Gun (Colchester Brewery, ABV 4.8%, Sorachi Ace single hop pale ale), quite tasty but a little stronger than I fancied. Lots of chatter in the room about conspiracies, initiated by discussion of the Skirpal poisonings – but taking in David Kelly’s ‘suicide’, the assassination of Martin Luther King, the poisoning of Viktor Yushchenko, and the machinations of MI5 and MI6.

Left and continued west on Station Road to the junction with Burnham Road, visited the Farleigh Hospice charity shop and scored a number of cheap paperbacks of Marx and Engels works. South on Burnham Road. Passed walker going north I had seen on Goldsands Road earlier. Looked down a footpath going west (PROW 259_25) but did not explore. Proceeded south to roundabout and then north-west on Southfield Way (B1021) before joining footpath (PROW 259_11) going south-west [over Hunters Farm land?]. Passed two dog walkers going towards Southminster. Proceeded west across field at footpath junction (with PROW 259_1), continued west past junction of Scalby Road and footpath to Caidge Farm (PROW 259_10) before turning south on to footpath (PROW 259_13) along Scarborough Road.


Travelled full length of Scarborough Road to junction with Old Heath Road. West alomg Old Heath Road briefly then south on footpath (PROW 259_14). Observed Lord’s Wood to the east. Proceeded south to Old Heath Farm then west to end of the Mangapps railway. Observed the old London Underground carriage graffitied by ‘the youth’ last year. Carried on east alongside tracks past ‘Old Heath’ station and junction with westerly footpath (PROW 242_1) until the next footpath junction where I turned on to the southerly track (PROW 242_2) across Stoneyhills to Green Lane. Travelled east on Green Lane to Eve’s corner then south on Church Road into Burnham.


Footpaths used:
Burnham-on-Crouch Parish, Path #15 (PROW 242_15)
Southminster Parish, Path #26 (PROW 242_26)
Southminster Parish, Path #17 (
PROW 259_5)
Southminster Parish, Path #11 (PROW 259_11)
Southminster Parish, Path #13 (PROW 259_13)
Southminster Parish, Path #14 (PROW 259_14)
Burnham-on-Crouch Parish, Path #33 (PROW 242_33)
Burnham-on-Crouch Parish, Path #2 (PROW 242_2)

Maps used:
OS Explorer #176 (Blackwater Estuary)

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